Side A

1 She Loves You (UK single “She Loves You c/w I’ll Get You”)
2 Love Me Do (UK album “PLEASE PLEASE ME with Love Me Do and 12 other songs”)
3 I Want To Hold Your Hand (UK single “I Want To Hold Your Hand c/w This Boy”)
4 Can’t Buy Me Love (UK single “Can’t Buy Me Love c/w You Can’t Do That”)
5 A Hard Day’s Night (UK album “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT”)
6 I Feel Fine (UK single “I Feel Fine c/w She’s A Woman”)
7 Eight Days A Week (UK album “BEATLES FOR SALE”)
8 Ticket To Ride (UK single “Ticket To Ride c/w Yes It Is”)
9 Help! (UK single “Help! c/w I’m Down”)
10 Yesterday (UK album “HELP!”)
11 We Can Work It Out (UK single “We Can Work It Out c/w Day Tripper”)
12 Paperback Writer (UK single “Paperback Writer c/w Rain”)

Side B

1 Penny Lane (UK single “Strawberry Fields Forever c/w Penny Lane”)
2 All You Need Is Love (UK single “All You Need Is Love c/w Baby, You’re A Rich Man”)
3 Hello, Goodbye (UK single “Hello, Goodbye c/w I Am The Walrus”)

4 Hey Jude (Short Version)
5 Get Back (UK single “Get Back c/w Don’t Let Me Down”)
6 Come Together (UK album “ABBEY ROAD”)
7 Let It Be (UK single “Let It Be c/w You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)”)
8 The Long And Winding Road (UK album “LET IT BE”)