Rock ‘N’ Roll Music Vol.1 [Remixed]

Side A

1 Twist And Shout [Remixed]
2 I Saw Her Standing There [Remixed]
3 You Can’t Do That [Remixed]
4 I Wanna Be Your Man [Remixed]
5 I Call Your Name [Remixed]
6 Boys [Remixed]
7 Long Tall Sally [Remixed]

Side B

1 Rock And Roll Music [Remixed]
2 Slow Down [Remixed]
3 Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! [Remixed]
4 Money (That’s What I Want) [Remixed]
5 Bad Boy [Remixed]
6 Matchbox [Remixed]
7 Roll Over Beethoven [Remixed]