MEET THE BEATLES! (ビートルズ![Beatles])

Side A

1 I Want To Hold Your Hand (Japanese Title “抱きしめたい[Dakishimetai]”) [Mono]
2 She Loves You [Mono]
3 From Me To You [Mono]
4 Twist And Shout [Mono]
5 Love Me Do [Mono]
6 Baby It’s You [Mono]
7 Don’t Bother Me [Mono]

Side B

1 Please Please Me [Mono]
2 I Saw Her Standing There [Mono]
3 P.S. I Love You [Mono]
4 Little Child [Mono]
5 All My Loving
6 Hold Me Tight [Mono]
7 Please Mister Postman [Mono]