Side A

1 Help! (single “Help! c/w I’m Down”)
2 The Night Before
3 You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Japanese Title “悲しみはぶっとばせ[Kanashimi Wa Buttobase]”)
4 I Need You
5 Another Girl
6 You’re Going To Lose That Girl (Japanese Title “恋のアドバイス[Koi No Advice]”)
7 Ticket To Ride (single “Ticket To Ride c/w Yes It Is”) (Japanese Title “涙の乗車券[Namida No Joshaken]”)

Side B

1 Act Naturally
2 It’s Only Love
3 You Like Me To Much
4 Tell Me What You See
5 I’ve Just Seen A Face (Japanese Title “夢の人[Yume No Hito]”)
6 Yesterday
7 Dizzy Miss Lizzy

*Japanese Title is “4人はアイドル[Yonin Wa Idol]”