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UK Mono Parlophone PMC 7016 (10 December, 1966)
UK Stereo Parlophone PCS 7016 (10 December, 1966)
Japanese Stereo Odeon OP-8016 (5 February, 1967)

  • Side A
    1. 1 She Loves You (single “She Loves You c/w I’ll Get You”)
    2. 2 From Me To You (single “From Me To You c/w Thank You Girl”)
    3. 3 We Can Work It Out (single “We Can Work It Out c/w Day Tripper”)
    4. 4 Help! (single “Help! c/w I’m Down”)
    5. 5 Michelle (album “RUBBER SOUL”)
    6. 6 Yesterday (“album “HELP!”)
    7. 7 I Feel Fine (single “I Feel Fine c/w She’s A Woman”)
    8. 8 Yellow Submarine (album “REVOLVER”)
  • Side B
    1. 1 Can’t Buy Me Love (single “Can’t Buy Me Love c/w You Can’t Do That”)
    2. 2 Bad Boy
    3. 3 Day Tripper (single “We Can Work It Out c/w Day Tripper”)
    4. 4 A Hard Day’s Night (album “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT”)
    5. 5 Ticket To Ride (single “Ticket To Ride c/w Yes It Is”)
    6. 6 Paperback Writer (single “Paperback Writer c/w Rain”)
    7. 7 Eleanor Rigby (album “REVOLVER”)
    8. 8 I Want To Hold Your Hand (single “I Want To Hold Your Hand c/w This Boy”)