Side A

1 On Stage With The Beatles
2 How Beatlemania Began [I Want To Hold You Hand]
3 Beatlemania In Action
4 Man Behind The Beatles – Brian Epstein [Slow Down]
5 John Lennon [This Boy]
6 Who’s A Millionaire?

Side B

1 Beatles Will Be Beatles [You Can’t Do That][If I Fell]
2 Man Behind Their Music – George Martin
3 George Harrison [And I Love Her]

Side C

1 A Hard Day’s Night – Their First Movie [A Hard Day’s Night][And I Love Her]
2 Paul McCartney
3 Sneaky Haircuts and More about Paul

Side D

1 The Beatles At Life [Twist And Shout]
2 Beatle Medley [Things We Said Today/I’m Happy Just To Dance With You/Little Child/Long Tall Sally/She Loves You]
3 Ringo Starr
4 Liverpool And All The World!